god man the internet is really getting me down tonight

You are such a great person and I really hope that you achieve all that you wish for

hey thank you this really actually cheered me up right now! you’re a great person thank you so much!

i have huge respect for anyone who runs a social justice style blog because that must be very hard with all the personal attacks people receive on themselves

the rt fanbase is a scary thing and it makes me very very uncomfortable 








who wants to see denchguy in a crop top i know i do

not me that guys a fucking bellend

fuck dan denchguy

am i the only denchguy fan here ?? 

more like benchguy

follow reallylameblog



that pitch invasion looked class

god i hated that i mean like we won the game 6-4 what’s the point of running onto the pitch like that when there’s still time left it literally ruins the game for the other 29000+ fans there its just a lack of respect

i love wolves

the first team i ever played in for football was so shit we won like two games in the season and the goalkeeper for us kicked the ball straight into my face it scarred me for like a year or two off football until i picked up a sticker album for the premiership and i saw wolves and i was like i like them i’ll support them AND THEN I MOVED DOWN TO WOLVERHAMPTON I WAS SO HAPPY